How are Search and Social Media Marketing entwined?

Why will a search marketer care about social media Just because they are interlinked with each other?

Often social media noshes into the discovery of fresh content like new stories, and ‘discovery’ is the search activity. Furthermore, social media can help to build links which in turn supports the SEO efforts. Many people also search at social media sites in order to find out social media content. The social connection might also brunt the relevancy of some search results, either at a ‘mainstream’ search engine or within a social media network.

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Strategies for engaging the social media as marketing tools:

There are two basic strategies and these are:

Passive approach:

Social media might be a convenient source of market information as well as a mode to hear customer perspectives. Blogs, content forums, and communities are a platform where individuals can share their feedbacks and recommendations of services, products, and brands. Businesses are capable of tapping and scrutinizing the consumer voices and reviews generated in the social media for marketing purposes; in this sense, social media is reciprocally inexpensive source of market intelligence that can be used by the managers and marketers to track as well as respond to customer-identified issues as well as market opportunities.

Active approach:

Social media might be used not only as a direct marketing and public relationship tool, however, also as communication channels targeting very specific customers with social media influencers as well as social media personalities and as an effective customer engagement tools. Technologies predating the social media, like broadcast TV and newspapers might also provide advertisers with a fairly targeted customer, given that the ad placed during the sports game broadcast or in the sports section of the newspaper is likely to be read by the sports fans.

However, social media sites can target niche markets even more precisely. Using digital tools like Google Ad sense, advertisers can target their ads to specific demographics and it does this by looking for keywords in social media user’s online comments and posts. It will be hard for the paper-based newspaper or a TV station to provide ads that are as targeted as the social media.

Develop your goals with social media

Social media marketing helps you with a number of goals, like:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Raising awareness of brand
  • Building conversions
  • Creating a brand identity as well as positive brand association
  • Improving interaction and communication with key audiences

Only by establishing your goals, you can measure your social media ROI.

Benefits of choosing this course-

There was a time when passion and work were two different things. But, with the growth of electronic and digital world as well as the change in business practices, the demarcation line is getting blurred and new careers are budding.

The emergence of the social media brought with it an unprecedented amount of opportunity for online marketers. The new realm provides the unparalleled potential to reach the new customers, strengthen the relationship with the existing ones as well as expand the presence of any online brand. Organizations demand talented professionals who can navigate the social arena and market their services properly in a whole new way.

The beauty of social media marketing dwells in its ability to foster a personal connection between organizations and their potential customers at little to no cost. As a successful social media marketer, you can bring companies closer to their customers and provide them valuable insight regarding what their opinions and preferences are. The course will provide you the opportunity to develop the company as well as develop yourself with the company.

Course highlights:

  • Introduction to social media
  • Social media monitoring
  • NEW: social media strategy
  • NEW: Content marketing
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • MySpace
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram