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Bing is a hard-core competitor to Google and as much as webmasters hate the fact, it’s true that digital marketers should know Bing as much as they know Google. Bing marketing includes the Microsoft Advertising training courses, which include an elaborate subject to upgrade the marketing of your business online. 


Coming back to Bing ads, we have prepared a perfect module to give a kick-start to your digital marketing career. It will not only help you in attracting long-term customers but will also increase the financial return you spend on advertisements. You will be able to reach potential clients and improve the conversion rates with Bing ads training.

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What will you learn with Carney Consultancy Services?

We maintain transparency with the candidates and promise to deliver a well-structured course module for complete success. Our Bing ads Certification Course in Kolkata are the talk of the town, and we are one of the very best. Here is what you will learn with us

  • Campaigns Fundamentals 
  • Ad Groups Overview
  • How to import ad groups? 
  • How to import campaign?
  • Basics of Bidding 
  • Basics of Bing Ads Reports 
  • Importing Keywords 
  • Introduction to Ad Estimation 
  • Active Ads Strategies 
  • Keywords Selection
  • Features Long Ad Titles Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Ad Extensions 
  • Smart Search Basics 
  • Dynamic Text Fundamentals 
  • Keywords Matching Basics
  • Campaign Exclusions Basics
  • Campaign Optimization 

Introduction to Content Ads

Advanced Course Syllabus

  • Campaign Optimization Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Quality Advertising
  • How to Optimize Campaigns?
  • Click Quality Basics 
  • Ad Placements 
  • Editorial Review Fundamentals 
  • Conversion Tracking Fundamentals
  • Basics of Campaign Analytics 
  • Intelligence Tool Basics
  • Bing Ads Editor Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Bing Ads Account 
  • Bing Ads Editor Customization
  • Tips Exporting & Importing 
  • Basics of Budgeting & Billing
  • Fundamentals of Budgeting 
  • Campaign Optimization 

How can Carney Consultancy Services help?

Do you know about BBB? No, we are not talking about anything related to business, but it’s the Big Benefit of Bing. Our team of trainer focuses on each aspect very closely to create a productive module for the trainees. Here is what our Bing Adcenter training course will help your business achieve. 

Expanded Reach

To build a great career in the digital marketing industry, you need to have complete knowledge of the most proficient search engines and we offer you exactly that and much more. Our modules are prepared with an understanding of the Bing market.

Increased Traffic for business

Bing serves a completely different market than Google and there will get less competition with cheaper traffic. This is the reason why marketers and brands are bending towards Bing, and we have a productive module prepared for the same. 

Affordable course fee and promising support

Our course is designed with all our potential trainees in mind. You will learn with practical and methodological understanding, it will help you discover and polish your talents to make a great career in the Digital Marketing Industry. 

Learning with Carney Consultancy Services will help you manage and optimize your career goals. We also provide placement opportunities to our candidates, our reach to top agencies will redefine your career plans. 

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