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Do you like to write?

If yes, then there is a content writing certification program that can help you. You see, content writing is surely one of the most lucrative professions in the current time. It is not only high paying but also creatively satisfying. As a content writer, you can work with prestigious projects, get to be part of respected business houses, and make trending content.

Strong content can surely make a difference in the overall marketing strategy of the company. Attractive and catchy content can add value to the organization’s digital presence among its consumers. Additionally, it can help the SEO to attract the links naturally – pushing the rankings higher. Probably, therefore content is always regarded as the king in the marketing arena.

Overall, good content can make a huge difference in how a website runs or gathers audiences for you. In this competitive scenario, creative content writing can open multiple doors and gives you an edge over others.

However, that is not all.  It is not enough to own a great piece of content, but it is necessary to market it correctly so that it attracts organic traffic. Without proper promotion through right channels, the content can go waste. 

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How can you become a world-class content writer and marketer?

At Carney Technologies Services, we aim at creating a professional content writing training and marketing program that can help you turn into a world-class professional. In this course, you get the chance to learn about different aspects of writing a creative and SEO- friendly content. The program also teaches how the content should be marketed so that it can pull on more viewers.

Here, we want to teach our students some of the most effective ways to create online content for numerous online platforms like social media, websites, viral videos, and SEO while not diverging too much from the topic.

The entire creative and technical content writing training comprises would include the following topics:

  • Introduction to professional content writing training
  • Categories of Web Content and how to distinguish them
  • Ethical in content writing and plagiarism
  • Writing articles and blogs  
  • Using storytelling as a medium
  • Content ideas
  • Proofing and editing the common errors

Additionally, the course would also touch on topics like link building for the content, writing and publishing press releases, ideas on technical content writing training, knowing what is SEO, working with content optimizationsocial media marketing and optimization, conversion: concepts and how to improve them, as well as long term strategy for planning the content and its reach.

Overall, the course structure is well-rounded and includes one of the most trending topics of the industry.

Who can attend this program?

And, anyone and everyone who wants to make it into the industry. 

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