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Business needs promotion and there is no better place than Facebook to highlight your brand. How many hours do you spend in scrolling through the news feed on Facebook? The numbers might be surprising and that is how businesses use this incredible platform to connect with the global audience. Becoming an expert in running Facebook Ads requires in-depth learning, and that is exactly what we deliver. Carney Consultancy Service prepares a tailor-made module for Facebook Ads and no matter what audience your brand needs, you will find it here. 

We have prepared a breakthrough for any kind of need, you will learn to generate leads on Facebook, designing productive ad campaigns, creating strategy, and measuring success for your brand through Facebook Marketing. 

The course can be beneficial for three groups of learners:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Beginners
  • Experts
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How can Facebook ads training upgrade your skills?

A digital marketing professional has immense scope to learn new things and gain practical knowledge. Since the Facebook ad is an essential platform for brand promotion, you will end up with some of these benefits at the end of the session.

  • Generating leads and growing business through Facebook ads
  • Running Facebook ads in just one dollar per day
  • Designing winning ad campaigns successfully

Here is what you will learn in each section.

Facebook Lead Generation

We dedicated this section to the basics of designing and implementing a successful lead generation plan for Facebook Ads. The plan is effective with three main tactics

  • Organic lead generation
  • Lead ads
  • Link campaigns on Facebook

You will learn what a campaign looks like, how to target the audience effectively with the help of Facebook ads, and how to measure the success of your Facebook ads by using a cost-per-lead.

Getting started with Facebook ads

The strategizing part is the most important and you will learn how to choose the right Facebook ad to fit your unique business goal. This brings us to the three-phase of Facebook advertising

  • Connect
  • Commit
  • Close

You will learn these phases to not just upgrade your skills but grow your business globally as well. 

The Dollar-a-day ad strategy

You will learn this technique based on the study of Facebook Experts. The dollar-a-day is a Facebook strategy that allows a business to reach out to a wider audience in the cheapest way possible. Every buyer has a different journey, and you will learn to mold your target audience with the strategy implementation. 

The gist of the course

  • Fundamentals of Facebook Ads
  • Target the specific audience your business need
  • Build awareness among the audience
  • Learn some super-advanced buying options
  • Learn to promote your brand
  • Generating business leads
  • Learn to manage your ad and its performance
  • Distribute and monetize every content
  • Learn to utilize all 11 types of ads and any new additions
  • Learn to increase the conversation on your website
  • Setting a budget strategy for your Facebook ads

And a whole lot more!

Why Learn with Carney Consultancy Services?

To advance your Career

We make sure your investment in this professional course is worth it. We will keep you updated with the latest trends in the digital marketing industry, support, sales, and more.

Learn new skills

The course offers a globally recognized certification to stay ahead in the industry. Along with the completion of the course, you will have a practical and methodological idea of handling Facebook ads for your brand. 

Grow your Brand

You will be skilled to build your business strategy based on the inbound methodology and close more deals by reaching out to global clients. 

 The trainers in Carney Consultancy Services make sure that you are pro in the art of online advertising on Facebook. We set a high standard for every individual looking to make it big in the digital marketing industry.

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